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Education puppy/dog

The dog is the best friend of the Man

Puppy class : 2-3 months

In this course, we teach you how to welcome your puppy, in terms of cleanliness, socialization, handling, what he can do or not do and we talk about Maslow’s pyramid (pyramid of needs). We also begin the basics of education: sitting, lying down, watching…


Education Classes: 3 to 12 months

In this class, we continue to learn sit, down, look, incorporating other demands, such as walking. at the foot, the recall, wearing the muzzle (which may prove necessary in certain situations, but which should not be experienced as a punishment by the dog), we continue with the manipulations (ears, mouth, paws, nails ), we are also working on the discovery of other races


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Man and dog

Training a puppy/dog never relies on violence, yelling or punishment. Your puppy has the right to make mistakes! Reward good behavior as much as possible.

If your puppy is behaving inappropriately (e.g. jumping, chewing, etc.) say “no” and stop contact with him until he calms down or offer him a toy as a diversion;

Your puppy needs to be rewarded.

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