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Workshop first aid

Collective coaching

Medical training

Dog walking

Education puppy/dog

Games and socialization
under supervision


Behavioural disorders
dog cat and nacs

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70, chaussée de Braine L’Alleud, 1640 Rhode Saint Genèse

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Our team

Dr. Caroline Falmagne

Veterinary behaviourist

Duties within the center

Medical consultation mainly by appointment, behavioral consultation by appointment dog, cat, rabbit, parrot and other nacs, horses.


– graduate of Ulg – Cureghem.

– Office opened since 1993 in Dworp.

– General medicine, internal medicine, radiology, ultrasound, surgery, hospitalization and laboratory analysis for pets (dogs, cats) and NACs (rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish).

– Behavior consultations (dogs, cats, kennels, horses).

– Behaviorist since 1998. (Training courses followed in Belgium and France)

– Treasurer of the GERC: Veterinary study and behavioral research group.

– Treasurer of GENAC Belgium: Study group on new pets

– Collaborator of Dr Anne François, head of the veterinary department at Laboratoire Bauduin, medical analysis laboratory.

– Behavioral consultation at the King’s Field Clinic in Etterbeek-Brussels.

– Professor within L’EFP, in the section: sales advisor and welfare of small domestic animals.


Educator and breeder

Duties within the center


Dog trainer

Duties within the center
Wat is a behaviourist ?
Wat is a dog trainer?

Dog trainers are professionals who work at the request of dog owners. Their role is to educate and/or rehabilitate puppies or adult or senior dogs. To help owners educate their dogs and create a harmonious relationship with them.