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Our trainings

Formations avec dates a déterminer

Walking on a leash



Transition to adulthood

Fear management

dog communications

cat ethologies

ethology and zootechnics of nacs

Uncleanliness of the cat


04th of February 2023 from 13H30-16H30

Ethology: The dog and its needs

Canine communication

Calming signals


18th of February 2023

How to choose the right dog or understand the origin of certain nuisances:

  • Choice of breed and their consequences
  • Importance of genetics and their consequences
  • Choice of breeder and their consequences
  • Breaking myths and preconceived ideas


11th of March 2023 from 13h30-16H30

Welcoming the puppy and integrating it into the 2-3M family:

  • Transition with the breeder
  • Transport
  • Welcome at home
  • The environment intended for the dog
  • The dog’s place in his family
  • The cleanliness
  • Acquisition of simple commands and start of socialization


8th of April 2023

The basics of learning for puppies 3-6 months:

  • Self-checks
  • Socialization