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Behavioral problems of
dogs, cats and nacs


The most important thing to know is whether the cause of the uncleanliness is biological, medical or behavioral

Several causes are possible:

Uncleanliness may be an effect of your dog’s upbringing that you have not fully mastered,

Some of the factors that can lead to uncleanliness: anxiety, territorial marking, incontinence, learning problems, intraspecific communication problems

Intraspecific and interspecific aggression:

Aggression is a behavior (intraspecific and interspecific) that includes threats and attacks whether simulated or not.

Barking :

The dog’s barking is normal, your dog is communicating with you, warning of danger or communicating with other dogs

If your dog barks too much, there is a communication problem:

  • lack of activity
  • not enough self control
  • out of fear
  • deafness
  • involution depression (aging)




Separation anxiety: Separation anxiety is a stress that the dog feels as soon as its owner leaves. It is also called detachment disorder or abandonment neurosis.

What does this mean?

  • Vocalisations (crying, howling, barking);
  • Destruction of the edges of windows and doors, bottom of wall, door of the cage, etc.
  • Try to get out and follow the owner, scratch the door, etc;
  • Anticipates the owners’ departure; there is a change in the dog’s behaviour when it sees its owners preparing to leave;
  • Does not eat treats left by owners;
  • Can’t rest and sleep;
  • And many others: uncleanliness, self-mutilation, panting, hyper salivation, etc.


Does your dog destroy everything while you are away or when you are there, does he have enough activity during the day? How long does he stay alone? Several reasons can be at the origin of its destruction:

  • stress
  • boredom
  • fear
  • hyperactivity
  • separation anxiety
  • frustration


A dog that runs away may do so for several reasons:

  • he’s hungry
  • looking for a female
  • bored
  • it wants to hunt
  • it is afraid
  • it is hyperactive
  • has a behavioural disorder

The problems are there and you don’t know what to do:

    • The aggressive dog/cat/rabbit/ferret
    • Problems of cohabitation between dogs or cats
    • The dog that can’t stay alone
    • The barking dog
    • Le chien/chat malpropre
    • The destructive dog/cat (scratching)
    • The fearful animal
    • The depressing animal
    • The dog that turns after its tail



    • The dog that licks itself (toc)
    • The Runaway Dog
    • The thieving dog
    • The hyperactive dog
    • The dirty rabbit
    • The pica of the parrot
    • The screaming parrot
    • The parrot that bites etc.